I offer cutting-edge, educational, and inspirational presentations on Patriarchy Stress Disorder and how women can go from survival to thriving in a society where it’s never been safe for us to be visible and powerful, where it’s never before been possible to follow our desires and create success on our own terms. While many women have checked off the boxes of worldly accomplishments that were supposed to make them happy and fulfilled, they’re not. And it’s not their fault! I offer scientific explanations for how the trauma of oppression is genetically transmitted and how to recognize and deal with its effects. I share some mind-body tools that facilitate a woman’s journey from the invisible inner prison of PSD to freedom and fulfillment.

I am also available to speak on my other area of expertise— Mental Health in Business. According to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety cost the global economy over US $1 trillion per year in lost productivity. At the same time, 35% of managers report having no formal resources to support the employees. When presenting on that subject, I offer strategies and tools from my acclaimed mental health fitness programs, helping businesses achieve improved teamwork, decreased medical, disability, and legal costs, lower conflict and absenteeism, higher rates of retention and advancement of diverse talent, and increased motivation, focus, creativity, productivity, and bottom line.


Let’s talk about how I might bring value to your audience and support them in setting new standards of excellence in their work and personal lives.


I have had the pleasure of speaking with lots of amazing people about the insidious trauma of patriarchy and how to heal ourselves and access true fulfillment. Here’s a list of links to some of these appearances.