To support you on your Jailbreak and mental health journeys, I’ve created meditations, exercises, worksheets, and other resources to help you break through. Below you’ll find a list of these tools and check back often because I’m constantly creating and updating.

  • Many times throughout the day, traumas gets triggered, you feel subconsciously unsafe, and move out of the body and into the head. The 3 Minute Re-Power Tool is designed to support you in re-inhabiting your body by sending a message to your hindbrain. Download it here.

  • It can be difficult to find the right therapist to support you and your mental health. Find my guide to choosing the right practitioner here.

  • Fascinating studies are coming out all the time - exploring the subconscious, survival, trauma, epigenetics, neuroscience, new biology, and other topics related to mental health and patriarchy. I’m keeping a running list of those here.

  • I’ve interviewed dozens of women about their experiences with trauma, the patriarchy, motherhood, career, and their paths to true fulfillment. Listen to those here.

  • I’ve appeared on on many podcasts and video blogs and have given live and virtual interviews at conferences and for organizations across the country and the world. To watch or listen to some of this content, click here.

  • I’m constantly sharing information about about Patriarchy Stress Disorder and Mental Health in Business. To get on my newsletter list and get regular updates from me, click here.