Despite checking off the boxes of worldly accomplishments, most high-achieving women are secretly dissatisfied. They feel stuck in lives that look perfect on the outside, yet on the inside, they’re unfulfilled, plagued by the nagging feeling that there’s got to be more. They feel guilty and ungrateful for feeling trapped in lives that are so good. They disown their pain, or numb it with excessive work, eating, drinking, shopping, social media, or exercising. They search for solutions in books, meditation, yoga, therapy, medication, and workshops, but something is still missing.

They wonder: What’s wrong with me?

I’ve worked with hundreds of high-achieving women and discovered that the issues they all struggle with are not just personal—they’re rooted in the ancestral and collective trauma experienced by women in the patriarchal world for millennia. I've termed the effects of this trauma Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD) and wrote a book about it. PSD is an invisible inner prison, that holds women back from stepping into the full power of their authentic presence, unbridled joy, outrageous success, freedom, and fulfillment.

My work is about helping people see the invisible, so they can do the impossible. I help people recognize the effects of the hidden traumas they inherited in their DNA (ancestral or intergenerational), have been exposed to based on their group membership—gender, race, sexual orientation, ability status, etc. (collective), and experienced personally—including those that they don’t consciously remember, but their bodies haven’t forgotten. I help my clients effectively resolve these traumas with mind-body tools and liberate their lives in full color they desire and deserve.


Seeing women quantum leap into a whole new dimension in their relationship with themselves, romantic lives, careers, business, and their financial, mental, and physical health and well-being as they heal from PSD has inspired me to broaden the conversation about trauma.

All humans have unprocessed trauma that imprisons them in lives that are smaller, less vibrant and vital, connected and creative than what they’re hungry and thirsty for.

This work has helped women, men, people along the gender continuum, couples, teams, and company cultures experience expansions and transformations that did not seem possible based on the tools and strategies they had tried before.

Their problems could not have been solved without seeing the invisible—the missing link of the hidden trauma—and using effective methodologies to resolve it.

This work is for you if you yearn to do the impossible and are ready to see and face the invisible.

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