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Uncovering and healing hidden traumas is a big conversation.

That's why I wrote a book about it. Specifically, about the biggest hidden trauma affecting all women (and men and non-binary people in different ways), "Patriarchy Stress Disorder®: The Missing Link to Liberation for High-Achieving Women." It's coming out this fall.  

In it, I'll be sharing how to heal from PSD--the intergenerational, collective, and personal trauma of oppression--and reclaim your best vitality, freedom, and fulfillment. 

How is PSD affecting you? Shoot me an email--simply reply to the one that delivers your free gift. I'm putting together supplemental resources for the book, to help women see themselves in other women's stories and feel validation, connection and hope, and know that there's nothing wrong with them. Your voice is important, valued, and appreciated.

Thank you for being a part of this movement.

Reply to the email with the download to share how PSD affects you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in re-powerment of women everywhere,

Dr. Valerie Rein