A woman’s power has always been a punishable offense. You’re in jail because you’re powerful. Not because you’ve done something wrong.

Jailbreak Retreats are for those who want to go faster, bigger. We do in-depth healing work to uncover and purge from our bodies and psyches unresolved personal, collective, and ancestral traumas—that oftentimes we didn’t even know were there. I guide you through coping and breakthrough exercises I’ve curated from the most powerful and effective modalities for mind-body trauma resolution. As a collective, we hold big spaces for big emotions. We practice going all the way to the core while being held safely with love and support and without judgment.

Much of what we are trying to deal with as our “personal problems” are not true personal problems. We were born with these responses in our DNA, and they were trained into us from the collective culture. Trying to solve them as personal problems doesn’t work, because these were not problems created in isolation. Thus, they cannot be solved in isolation.

We receive wounds in community, with the participation of other people—and we create healing in community with the participation of others. Throughout our lives, we received distorted reflections of ourselves, from people around us who didn’t see the truth of us—because they could not see clearly through the walls of the invisible inner prisons of their traumas, while our own prisons kept quite a few authentic parts of us safely hidden. To heal these wounds of distorted perceptions and the resulting mistaken identity requires standing in our truth and being seen. We collectively built the old story, the prison story. Now we need to collectively build the new freedom story as we step into our authentic power. We need a supportive community to reclaim our ability and willingness to be vulnerable.

I have found in-person retreats invaluable—both on my own healing journey and the ones I facilitate for my clients. When our individual healing journeys converge, we discover that the collective power and genius of the group is so much greater than the sum of its brilliant parts. We also discover that whatever deep secrets, whatever pain tightly wrapped in shame we’ve been holding on to as proof of what’s wrong with us—that all others have been holding on to theirs, and they are remarkably similar if not identical. 

When we access these forbidden experiences, express these forbidden emotions, and speak up about these forbidden things while being witnessed by supportive others, we are healed through their understanding, compassion, love, and acceptance of us exactly as we are. In expressing our authentic selves, we can connect to others who have felt the same way. Many women who have been in retreat together say it is the first time in their entire lives that they felt so safe to show up authentically and be seen, heard, upheld, celebrated, and loved. Many life-changing breakthroughs have emerged from these experiences—of allowing themselves to be welcomed and embraced in their full expression and creating this sacred opportunity for others.

This transformation is visible, palpable, vibrant, unmistakable, and unapologetic. I live for witnessing that light in women that breaks through the walls of the PSD prison. I hope you can join me for our next Retreat. Apply here. Or contact me with any questions about the Jailbreak program.