Are you frustrated with client resistance, slow progress, or a lack of lasting results—despite doing your best with the methods you’ve acquired over the years of training and experience?

This is not your or your clients’ shortcoming:

The tools that traditional therapy training programs equip us with do not reach deep enough.

Most do not even consider—let alone teach methods for resolving—the invisible traumas that all humans carry: intergenerational, cultural, and personal.

Talk therapy does not resolve the deep, embodied aspects of these traumas, imprinted in our DNA and nervous systems.

Resolving them requires methodologies that engage the body—that unlike the mind, does not forget or distort these experiences.

The body that’s been burdened by them for years. This burden showing in the posture, breathing, depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, addiction, alienation and conflict in relationships, unsatisfying or nonexistent sex life, unwanted weight gain or weight loss, stress-related health conditions, frustration and lack of fulfillment at work and other areas of life.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve come into this profession to help people heal and transform their lives—starting with your own.

You’ve worked very hard on this journey, and you want more for yourself and your clients.

Better results, faster, with less frustration, more income, less stress, and more joy and fulfillment in your practice.

Let’s step back, way back from the edge of burnout where most talented partitioners in our industry are.

I was too—for years. Maybe you find yourself there now.

There’s another way. I’m not saying it’s a better way. I’m saying that I and my clients enjoy it way more.

Do you want to join forces with us on a mission to make invisible trauma visible and empower people to heal?

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